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Kimmortel from Bruil Beton

Easy-to-use ready-made concrete mortar, to which you only need to add water. This mortar is ideal for pouring floors in new construction projects or renovations, filling seams in system floors, pouring foundations and various reinforced and unreinforced concrete structures. Specifications: - Capacity: approximately 12 liters - Quality: C20/25 - Weight: 25 kg per bag - Compressive strength: 25 N/mm2

How to use: Make sure the surface is clean, dust and grease-free. Moisten the surface if you pour on an existing floor. If the concrete is poured on sand, cover it with plastic foil before pouring to prevent moisture extraction from the concrete mortar.

When using bags: Add 2.0 to 2.3 liters of clean tap water per 25 kg bag in a clean tub or mortar grinder. Add the mortar and mix for about 3 minutes, depending on the mixing intensity, until a homogeneous, plastic concrete mortar is formed.

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