Aerated concrete Block G4/550 600x200x200mm

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Aerated concrete block G4/550 600x200x200mm. Aerated concrete block 200mm thickness

Aerated concrete blocks of 200 mm are known for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties. This sustainable building material makes building easy and fast at your fingertips. Aerated concrete blocks are versatile and applicable in new construction, renovation, repair jobs, and additions and renovations. One of the advantages of ordering from us is that you can purchase these blocks individually, so you always have exactly enough for your job without unnecessary blocks.

Kimlayer Mortar for Aerated Concrete

Kimlayer mortar is used to quickly and easily straighten and level the first block placed on the floor. The ready-made Kim mortar only requires the addition of water. This mortar is suitable for aerated concrete, but also for sand-lime brick, for example. The consumption of bilge layer mortar per meter depends on the wall thickness and the joint width.

Wall thickness 100mm 115mm 150mm 175mm 200mm 240mm 300mm
15mm joint 2.49kg 2.86kg 3.74kg 4.36kg 4.98kg 5.98kg 7.47kg
25mm joint 4.15kg 4.77kg 6.23kg 7.26kg 8.30kg 9.96kg 12.45kg
35mm joint 5.81kg 6.68kg 8.72kg 10.17kg 11.62kg 13.94kg 17.43kg


Load-bearing facades

Aerated concrete blocks of 200 mm (20 cm) from HplusH Benelux are suitable for load-bearing facades. These walls still need to be finished with insulation material such as EPS insulation or Tempex, followed by exterior plasterwork to protect the insulation against weather influences. You can opt for interior plasterwork to finish the interior wall.

Load-bearing interior walls

In addition to exterior facades, you can also use Aerated Concrete Blocks with a thickness of 20 cm for load-bearing walls thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the Aerated Concrete Blocks. You can easily finish these interior walls with stucco, also called plaster. Thanks to their thickness, these inner walls also serve directly as fire walls. Because aerated concrete is non-flammable, you make a safe choice when building with aerated concrete.


  • Manufacturer: H+H
  • Quality: G4/550 - PP4-0.55 - C4/550
  • Compressive strength: 5.16 N/mm
  • Weight class: 525 kg/m3 (±25kg)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.131 λ(W/mk)
  • Width: 200mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Length: 600mm
  • Consumption of blocks per m2: 8.33 pieces
  • Number of pieces per pallet: 56 pieces
  • Number of m2 per pallet: 6.70 m2
  • Consumption of glue per m2: 4.80 kg
  • Version: Tongue and Groove
  • Number of m3 per pallet: 1,344 m3
  • Kg per pallet: 995 kg
  • Certificate: KOMO
  • EAN Number: 4015830056598


  • Interior walls
  • (Fire-resistant) partition walls
  • Bath and shower conversion
  • Mantelpieces
  • Pipe ducts
  • Floor elevations
  • Wet areas

Did you know that we also have a sawing service?

Do you need a 200 mm aerated concrete block in a different size than we offer? No problem, we will tailor it for you with our affordable sawing service. The advantages of our sawing service are:

  • Clean work because there is no waste.
  • A healthier working environment because there is no dust development.
  • Work faster because the blocks are already custom-made.
  • All dimensions are possible.
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