Aerated Concrete Block G4/550 600x400x100mm Tongue and Groove

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Aerated concrete 60x40x10cm Tongue and Groove

Would you like to order aerated concrete 60x40x10cm with tongue and groove? From us you can order aerated concrete blocks 60x40x10cm per piece or per full pallet. This way you always have just enough for your job. Thanks to the tongue and groove connection of these blocks, you need 50% less glue you can work faster. The vertical joints of the walls do not require glue thanks to this connection. This allows you to build considerably cheaper than with regular aerated concrete blocks, without tongue and groove connections.

By building or renovating with aerated concrete you benefit from all the advantages that aerated concrete has. The building material has become extremely popular in recent years. Aerated concrete is known for its excellent insulating capacity and the ease with which it is processed. In addition, aerated concrete is fireproof and is not sensitive to moisture or mold. As mentioned, aerated concrete has a great thermal and sound insulating capacity , but it is also accumulative. Thanks to the cellular structure of aerated concrete, the building material is able to retain heat and cold from the room and release it at a later time when the temperature in the room changes. In this way, significant savings can be made on energy costs and an optimal microclimate is created, so that you as a resident or user will experience a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Why use 600x400x100mm with tongue and groove?

Now that we know the advantages of aerated concrete, it is important to look carefully at what size block you can use. The 600x400x100mm is a popular size because of its large surface area. Because the aerated concrete blocks are 400mm (40cm) high and 600mm (60cm) long, you can create a relatively large surface area of ​​your wall in one action. You can literally make progress. This way you can not only work faster, but you also save a lot of man hours, which saves you money. Because no glue needs to be used on the vertical joints thanks to the tongue and groove connection, you can work even faster and use half as much glue. If the wall is to serve as a fire wall, aerated concrete adhesive must be used. With these aerated concrete blocks you can build a wall of 100mm (10cm) thickness. These blocks may be used as load-bearing and are suitable for, for example, installing bedroom walls, partition walls, front walls and the like. A structural engineer or local contractor can provide advice on which type of block is suitable for your structure.

Advantages 60x40x10cm with tongue and groove

  •  50% less glue required
  •  Work faster
  •  No glue on the vertical walls
  •  Large surface area
  •  Good thermal and sound insulation
  •  Easy processing
  •  Not sensitive to moisture or mold
  • Accumulate
  • Fireproof

Specifications 60x40x10cm Tongue and groove

Quality class: G4/550

Length: 600mm

Width: 100mm

Height: 400mm

Quantity per pallet: 60 pieces

M2 per pallet: 14.40m2

M3 per pallet: 1.44 m3

Weight per pallet: 1066 kg

Glue kg per m2: 1.60 kg

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