Aerated concrete Block G6/650 625x250x150mm

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Aerated Concrete Block G6/650 625x250x150mm - Applications, Base Layer Mortar and Sound Insulation


Aerated concrete blocks of the type G6/650 with dimensions 625x250x150mm from HplusH are ideal for various applications:

  1. Partition walls with high sound insulation: Thanks to the high density of 650 kg p/m³, these blocks offer better acoustic damping than G4/550 600x400x100 aerated concrete blocks. They are ideal for partition walls where sound insulation is essential.

  2. Load-bearing walls: Due to their higher load-bearing capacity, the G6/650 blocks are suitable for load-bearing walls, making them versatile in construction projects.

  3. Inner cavity leaves of load-bearing facades: With a thickness of 150mm, these aerated concrete blocks are ideally suited for inner cavity leaves of load-bearing facades. They can be finished with insulation material such as EPS insulation or Tempex, and then with exterior plasterwork.

Kimlayer Mortar for Aerated Concrete:

Kimlayer mortar is used to quickly and easily lay the first aerated concrete block on the floor straight and level. The ready-made bilge mortar only needs to be mixed with water. It is suitable for aerated concrete and other materials such as sand-lime brick.

Consumption of base layer mortar per m1:

  • Wall thickness 100mm:

    • 15mm joint: 2.49 kg
    • 25mm joint: 4.15 kg
    • 35mm joint: 5.81 kg
  • Wall thickness 115mm:

    • 15mm joint: 2.86 kg
    • 25mm joint: 4.77 kg
    • 35mm joint: 6.68 kg
  • Wall thickness 150mm:

    • 15mm joint: 3.74 kg
    • 25mm joint: 6.23 kg
    • 35mm joint: 8.72 kg
  • Wall thickness 175mm:

    • 15mm joint: 4.36 kg
    • 25mm joint: 7.26 kg
    • 35mm joint: 10.17 kg
  • Wall thickness 200mm:

    • 15mm joint: 4.98 kg
    • 25mm joint: 8.30 kg
    • 35mm joint: 11.62 kg
  • Wall thickness 240mm:

    • 15mm joint: 5.98 kg
    • 25mm joint: 9.96 kg
    • 35mm joint: 13.94 kg
  • Wall thickness 300mm:

    • 15mm joint: 7.47 kg
    • 25mm joint: 12.45 kg
    • 35mm joint: 17.43 kg

How to insulate a wall against sound:

The cellular structure of H+H aerated concrete has a beneficial effect on sound insulation. Internal damping of the material leads to improved sound insulation, approximately 2 dB better than other building components of the same weight. Installing aerated concrete walls with a weight class G6/650 contributes to effective sound insulation. An interior wall of aerated concrete blocks G6/650 with a thickness of 150mm, provided with plaster layers on both sides, has a noise reduction of 27.6 dB.

Sound-insulating blocks:

These blocks are heavier than other blocks, making them ideal for sound insulation. They are often used in bedrooms, music studios, office spaces in industrial halls and other areas where sound insulation is important.

Inner cavity leaf of aerated concrete blocks 150mm:

Aerated concrete blocks with a thickness of 150mm are ideal for inner cavity leaves of load-bearing facades. These can be finished with insulation material such as EPS insulation or Tempex. The outside must be finished with exterior plasterwork to protect the insulating properties of the materials. Plasterwork can be used to finish the interior wall.


  • Manufacturer: H+H
  • Quality: G6/650 - PP6-0.65 - C6/650
  • Compressive strength: 6.50 N/mm²
  • Weight class: 625 kg/m³ (±25kg)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.169 λ W/mk
  • Length: 625mm
  • Height: 250mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Version: Tongue and groove with handle
  • Number of pieces per pallet: 60 pieces
  • Glue kg per m2: 3.00 kg
  • Number of m2 per pallet: 9.38 m2
  • Number of m3 per pallet: 1,406 m3
  • Kg per pallet: 1202 kg
  • Certificate: KOMO
  • EAN Number: 4015830054075

The Aerated Concrete Glue Blocks from H plus H have the CE marking and comply with NEN EN 771-4 in the Netherlands and NBN EN 771-4 in Belgium.

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