Aerated concrete Block G4/550 600x400x70mm

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Aerated Concrete Block G4/550 600x400x70mm - Applications and Finishing


Aerated concrete blocks with a thickness of 70mm are frequently used for various construction projects, especially for non-load-bearing partitions. Some applications are:

  • Non-load-bearing partitions in bedrooms
  • Non-load-bearing partition walls in living rooms
  • Construction of walls in areas such as toilets and bathrooms

The advantages of aerated concrete, such as its resistance to moisture and mold, make it ideal for use in wet areas. A minimum thickness of 100mm is often recommended for load-bearing partition walls.

Finishing with Paint:

For non-load-bearing partition walls made of Aerated Concrete Blocks with dimensions of 600x400x70mm, it is recommended to use the appropriate Aerated Concrete Glue. These blocks have a smooth structure, making them immediately ready for the finishing layer.

Many people choose to apply wall paint to the walls and finish them with Texen. Before the wall paint is applied, it is advisable to pre-treat the aerated concrete wall. This can be done with Thin Plaster for Aerated Concrete, for example from the Alabastine brand. This allows any imperfections such as seams and holes to be removed quickly and easily. For good adhesion of the wall paint, it is important to treat the aerated concrete wall with primer.

Wallpapering the aerated concrete wall:

The 70mm thick blocks are ideal for interior walls in living rooms, for example. A commonly used finishing material is wallpaper, such as non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, renovlies, photo wallpaper, or paper wallpaper. Because the aerated concrete blocks in these sizes are not coarse in structure, the wall is ready for wallpaper almost immediately.

Before applying wallpaper, it is advisable to prepare the wall by filling any seams or holes with a thin plaster, such as that of Alabastine. To prevent an unnecessary amount of wallpaper glue from being absorbed by the wall, the aerated concrete wall can be treated with Primer. This makes the wall ready for the application of wallpaper.

Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness:

Aerated concrete, also known as aerated concrete, is known for its durability and environmental friendliness. Due to the insulating effect of the stagnant air in the air bubbles that are created during the production process, Aerated Concrete contributes to the creation of an ideal microclimate in every room.

The building material, composed of natural materials such as sand, lime and cement, is 100% recyclable. The waste generated during production can re-enter the production process, which contributes to a more sustainable construction method.

Specifications of Aerated Concrete Blocks 7cm:

  • Manufacturer: H+H
  • Quality: G4/550 - PP4-0.55 - C4/550
  • Compressive strength: 5.16 N/mm
  • Weight class: 525kg m3 (±25kg)
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.131 λ(W/mk)
  • Width: 70mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Length: 600mm
  • Consumption of blocks per m2: 4.16 pieces
  • Number of pieces per pallet: 80 pieces
  • Number of m2 per pallet: 19.20 m2
  • Number of m3 per pallet: 1,344 m3
  • Kg per pallet: 995 kg
  • Consumption of glue per m2: 1.10 kg
  • Execution: Smooth
  • Certificate: KOMO
  • EAN Number: 4015830053801
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Blokken gebruikt voor een wandje in de wc. Werkt goed, prima levering

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Prima materiaal voor het bouwen van een wandje in de badkamer. Ook nog 3 blokken op maat laten zagen