Aerated concrete lintel 1250x200x70mm

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Aerated concrete lintel 1250x200x70mm - Aerated concrete lintel 7cm:

An Aerated Concrete Lintel with a thickness of 7 cm (70 mm) is a commonly used lintel for spans on interior walls. The lintels are specially made in our aerated concrete sawmill because there is a high demand for this product. These lintels are suitable for placing above a window or door opening and serve as a filler. Lintels of 70mm thickness cannot be used as load-bearing. The lintels must not be loaded by floors or beams. The maximum daylight size of this lintel is 1000mm. This means that the total door or window opening may be a maximum of 1000mm, smaller is of course also possible.

Advantages of the Gas Concrete Lintel:

  • No cold bridges
  • Fast turnaround time because the lintel can be installed immediately
  • No expansion differences between lintel and wall
  • Various length, width and height sizes available

Aerated concrete lintel 70mm and thermal bridges: aerated concrete has a good insulating effect. In addition, aerated concrete has no shrinkage or expansion, which prevents the risk of cracks forming through the material. By making the entire construction in the same material, you prevent cold bridges because the insulating effect is not interrupted. Thermal bridges are places where the thermal insulation does not continue or connect and therefore energy is lost. Points where this often happens are facades, roofs or floors.

Different Sizes of Lintels: From our aerated concrete sawmill we can cut almost any desired size of lintel or aerated concrete block to size for you. Lintels are available for different wall thicknesses, ranging from 100 mm to 425 mm. For external facades there are even lintels with insulation to prevent cold bridges.


  • Material: Solid reinforced aerated concrete
  • Length: 1250mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Support: 125 mm
  • Daylight size: 1000 mm
  • Suitable for load-bearing structures: No

This Aerated Concrete Lintel with a thickness of 7 cm offers specific application options and can be ordered individually for your construction project.

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