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Kim widener aerated concrete

The GB Kim Wider: A Flat and Supportive Solution for Aerated Concrete Kim Blocks!

The GB bilge widener is an essential tool for accurately placing aerated concrete or lime sandstone bilge blocks on various floor constructions, such as hollow core slab floors and ribbed cassette floors. The design of this bilge widener solves practical challenges that often arise on construction sites, such as the sloping relief of the floor systems and variations in dimensions.

Most important features:

  1. Flat Surface: The GB Kimverwidener ensures a perfectly flat surface, even if the sides of the floor systems have a sloping relief. This makes setting aerated concrete or lime sandstone bilge blocks much easier and more accurate.

  2. Support of bilge construction: Thanks to the GB bilge widener, the entire bilge construction is effectively supported. This contributes to stability and durability, creating a solid foundation for further construction work.

  3. Sturdy Material: The bilge widener is made of Sendzimir galvanized steel, which ensures durability and protection against corrosion. This makes it able to withstand the challenges of construction environments and has a long service life.

  4. Optimal Dimensions: With a length of 1000 mm and a width of 100 mm, the GB Kimverwider offers optimal dimensions for effective use on various floor constructions.

In practice, the GB Kimbreader is extremely useful for the smooth and accurate installation of Aerated Concrete or Lime Sandstone bilge blocks at various construction locations. Add this valuable tool to your construction arsenal for an efficient and professional approach to bilge constructions!

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