Murfor 100mm (Roll)

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Murfor 100mm (Roll) - Application and Benefits

Description: Murfor I100 is a type of reinforcement used in the adhesive joints of walls to strengthen the structure. It consists of a plastic fabric with 14 steel cords made of galvanized steel. Murfor I100 is suitable for mortar joints with a thickness between 3 and 12 mm and is particularly suitable for interior walls exposed to a dry environment.

Why use Murfor I100?

  1. Lintels:

    • Lintels are used for openings for windows or door frames. Tensions occur around these openings and at the installation of lintels that can cause cracks. By applying 2 layers of Murfor at the bottom and top of the adhesive, it will take over the tension.
  2. Floors and Beams:

    • Walls that are loaded with beam supports or on which a concrete floor rests may show cracks. Applying Murfor in at least three underlying layers prevents crack formation in these situations.
  3. Partition walls:

    • Partition walls placed on a floor can show cracks due to large deflections of the floor. To prevent cracking, Murfor should be applied every 2 layers. It is also recommended not to place the wall directly on the first floor, but to first apply a strip of DPC foil.
  4. Dilation:

    • By applying Murfor to long walls, the distances between expansion joints can be increased, and in some cases an expansion joint is not even necessary. However, it is always recommended to consult a structural engineer.

The use of Murfor I100 contributes to a durable and crack-free construction, especially in situations where tensions and cracks often occur. Consulting a professional structural engineer is strongly recommended for specific applications.

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