U-shell 400mm Aerated concrete

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U-shells 400mm with insulation – What is a U-shell?

In addition to our wide range of standard and ready-made aerated concrete lintels, we also have an extensive range of U-shells made of aerated concrete. The u scales are available in different thickness sizes, from 150mm to 500mm. This u scale has a thickness measure by 400mm , a length of 600mm and a height of 250mm. This U-shell has an extra layer of insulation.

The U-shaped elements consisting of aerated concrete that serve as insulating formwork for the concrete lintel. It is important that a lintel above a door or window opening is well insulated to prevent insulation leaks, also known as thermal bridges. Aerated concrete is known for its excellent thermal insulating effect. These cold bridges are prevented by using aerated concrete U-shells. Aerated concrete lintels are easy to make yourself with our U-shells. In addition, they can also be used on walls made of other building materials such as Poriso, brick, sand-lime brick and concrete. After placing the U-shells, the wall can be finished, for example with plaster.

How do I make a lintel of 400mm thickness?

If you are going to make a lintel yourself, first start by making a temporary support. This can easily be done with wooden beams and slats. The aerated concrete U-shells are placed on top of this. The U-shells can then be provided with a reinforcement cage or steel beam, this is to strengthen the construction, which you can purchase yourself. Additional insulation can then be installed if desired. Finally, the u-shells can be filled with construction concrete. It is important that the correct concrete is used for this to achieve a sturdy construction. For this we recommend our Concrete mortar from Bruil.

Step-by-step plan, make your own lintel:

  1. Create a temporary support from wooden beams and slats.
  2. Place the u-shells on the temporary support.
  3. Place the reinforcement cage or steel beam and the insulation
  4. Pour the structural concrete into the u-shells

A structural engineer can advise you on what type of reinforcement is required for your construction.

What can I make with a U scale? What do you use a U scale for?

  • Making a lintel
  • Making a ring beam
  • Creating columns
  • Covering columns

Advantages of making your own lintel

  • No crane required to move heavy concrete beams
  • You save money
  • You can decide for yourself whether insulation will be added
  • You can determine the length of the lintel yourself, so you do not have to be guided by the standard dimensions in our range

Specifications U scale 400mm

  • Manufacturer: 123Cellenbeton BV
  • Length: 600mm
  • Height: 250mm
  • Width: 400mm
  • Kg per piece: 18.71 kg
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