Spring anchor Galvanized 100x90

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Spring Anchor Galvanized 100x90 - Sustainable Anchoring for Aerated Concrete Walls

Our Galvanized Spring Anchors are the ideal solution for firmly anchoring aerated concrete walls. Easy to attach using a tension sleeve, these spring anchors not only provide stability but also create a necessary expansion joint of approximately 1 cm wide. This joint can then be filled with elastic PUR foam.

Why Veerankers?

Spring anchors are essential to the structural integrity of your partitions or walls. They provide solid anchorage, allowing you to work with confidence, knowing your structure is durable and reliable.

How Many Spring Anchors Are Needed?

For aerated concrete blocks with a height of 200 mm or 250 mm, we recommend placing the anchors every 2 layers. For aerated concrete blocks with a height of 400 mm, a spring anchor must be mounted for each layer. The anchor can be secured with a ferrule or nail, and it is crucial that the Spring Anchor is fully immersed in the adhesive.

Why Choose Our Galvanized Spring Anchors?

  1. Durability: Manufactured from high quality galvanized material, our spring anchors provide durable performance in a variety of environments.

  2. Easy Installation: The design allows for quick and easy installation, saving you time and effort on your construction project.

  3. Structural Stability: Provide the necessary strength to your walls and walls with our reliable spring anchors.

Choose durability and stability in your construction. Order our Spring Anchor Galvanized 100x90 today and experience the benefits of high-quality anchoring for your aerated concrete walls. For more information about anchoring your wall with an expansion joint, please take a look at our manuals.

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