Wall anchor dilating 73x22

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Wall Anchor Dilating 73x22 - Essential for the Strength of Your Wall!

Why choose dilating wall anchors? These wall anchors, also known as dilating wall anchors, are vital for the strength of your wall.

Number of Wall Anchors Required: For aerated concrete blocks with a height of 200 mm or 250 mm, the anchors are placed every 2 layers. For aerated concrete blocks with a height of 400 mm, an anchor must be mounted for each layer. You can attach the anchor with a collet 6.0x40 or with a Fischer plug 6x30 and a screw 4.0x40. Make sure that the wall anchor is completely in the adhesive layer.

What is a Dilation? When installing an aerated concrete partition wall, it should not be glued tightly to the existing wall, otherwise cracks may form at the connection. Therefore, use expanding wall anchors, which have been specially developed for wall connections with an expansion joint. The expansion joint of approximately 10 mm is filled with elastic pur.

Why Dilating Wall Anchors? Dilating wall anchors ensure controlled dilation, which is essential when connecting different walls. This prevents cracking and ensures a durable and stable construction. Read more about anchoring a wall with an expansion joint here and discover how you can achieve the best results for your construction project.

Do you have any more questions or would you like more information about our wall anchors and their applications? Our team is ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact us for expert advice and a successful realization of your wall constructions!

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