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Ironside Leveling Spirit Level 100 cm: For Accurate Adjustment and Leveling

The Ironside 100 cm Level is a reliable tool with high accuracy, designed for various applications in construction. Here are some features and applications of this spirit level:


  • High Accuracy: The Ironside Level is known for its very high accuracy, making it ideal for precision work in construction.
  • Robust Profile: The robust profile is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which ensures durability and a long lifespan of the spirit level.


  1. Adjusting profiles: Use the spirit level to accurately plumb adjusting profiles, which is crucial for a stable construction.
  2. Aerated Concrete Lintels and Blocks: When working with aerated concrete lintels and blocks, a spirit level is essential to ensure they are placed level, which contributes to a solid structure.
  3. Frames: The spirit level can be used to level window frames, which is important for the proper functioning of doors and windows.

This 100 cm long Ironside Level is a versatile instrument that supports professionals and builders in achieving accurate and stable results in various construction projects.

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